home security – Are you in line with your insurance company’s guidelines?

You may or may not think too much about home security. I mean, yes, we all think of the obvious stuff, like making sure we lock our doors when we leave the house, and not hiding our keys under the matt, just outside of the door….We mean the less obvious things that perhaps your insurance company insists upon, only you don’t know they do.

Priorities Do’s

  • Make sure there are locks on all exterior doors
  • Change all locks when anyone in the house loses their keys
  • Install a silent alarm system

One of the most obvious things not to do (and so many do it) is not to publish the fact that you are on holiday on social media. Do it when you come back! How frustrating would it be, to do everything right, and then let the baddies know when you’re not going to be able to prevent them from breaking in!!

social media security

This is not something insurance companies can find out, not if your account is private. In any case, it’s really just a common sense rule, we all should follow.

Home Security Systems

Having a security system is not worth the money, when it’s not used properly. Make sure you take the time to research the best home security systems, and preferably get it fitted by the professionals. Ordering from a specialist company and then getting them to install it, will ensure you get all the proper advice.

Don’t Leave It Until After The Event – Unfortunately most of us only consider fitting an alarm system, when we’ve had the horrible experience of someone invading our personal space.

Little Things To Help You Keep Your Home Secure

Masterlock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

Abus Disk Padlock

bluetooth padlocks - home security

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