The Pink Stuff – Rachel’s Review

The best cleaning product in town….Really?

This stuff is completely bloody amazing…really!  I was given some by my friend who absolutely swears by it. She swore it worked like magic on stained pots and pans; Really? I questioned.  Nothing really works like it says it does from my experience. It’s a fact, that if you have to scrub it until the metal rubs away then you are most definitely wasting lots of energy, and will almost certainly collapse in a heap at any given moment, completely dissatisfied, with a slightly cleaner but still stained saucepan.

The Pink Stuff review

This happens to me….always as a rule. It’s then that I am convinced by something else…another product, that clearly will be much better and do the job, because that’s what the marketing people say, and hey…they never embellish the truth do they?

Pink is in!

Oh my word…it actually worked! 

What is it and where can I buy some?

The Pink Stuff is a  cream cleaner in effect. It’s a thick paste and it’s sold to us consumers as being tres tough on the ever present stain. You know, the one that lives there. It has claimed its spot and it ain’t moving for anything.

the pink stuff reviews online

I can highly recommend The Pink Stuff  because in my experience, it really does do what it says it does. You don’t have to scrub way hard, and you don’t have to study each pan, in the vain hope that it might just look a little cleaner if you hold it up to the light. You can see right away, oh my, it is clean!

This stuff will clean stainless steel soooo well. Shine up your toaster, you pans, your sink, your taps….

Thank you Rachel, for your sparkling review!

You can purchase The Pink Stuff here:


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